Quality politics

For the NGO Recicla-Alicante, an entity dedicated to the “Provision of social services, volunteer projects and social awareness, non-regulated training and collection and sale of used clothing”. The seriousness and commitment in the know-how that we establish with our users are the pillars on which we base ourselves to form a dynamic and innovative organization with respect to our sector that can satisfy the needs that they pose. We also take into account the requirements of interested parties relevant to our organization.

Within the aforementioned concept of innovation, our effort for continuous improvement with respect to the significant environmental aspects identified in the exercise of our activity could not be missing, with the desire that ONG Recicla-Alicante be related to the idea of respect for the Environment.

The exhaustive fulfillment of the requirements and needs of our users is based on the continuous adaptation to the novelties of the market and the efficiency of our human team, for which we consider essential the maintenance and progress of our Quality and Environmental Management System, based on in the fulfillment of all its requirements and in the minimization of the environmental impacts derived from the exercise of our activity.

Taking these premises as a reference, our organization establishes and reviews the Quality and Environment objectives, being based on the following principles:

  • Continuous expansion and updating of the services provided to our clients, supporting the commitment to adapt and anticipate their needs.
  • Reduced consumption of resources and commitment to prevent pollution.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes to transmit the idea of efficiency to our clients.
  • Minimization of waste production, based on the “principle of the three Rs” (reduce, reuse and recycle).
  • Exhaustive compliance with legal requirements and environmental regulations and other requirements to which the company subscribes.

Likewise, the NGO Recicla-Alicante wishes to convey its commitment to meeting the requirements of the Quality and Environmental Management System, and is responsible for the distribution, communication and updating of this Quality and Environmental Policy, involving all sections of our organization.

Mr. Mauricio García Jorquera

Chief coordinator